From motivational and inspirational to educational and entertaining, I focus my remarks on a topic specific to your current situation in order to deliver an exciting overview on the skills and creativity required to surpass objectives in today’s complex personal and professional environments.


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"Nice girls Can Finish First"


In a world where women in leadership face the double-edged sword of societal expectations, this talk offers a dynamic platform for women in leadership to reclaim their power and chart their path to success with confidence and authenticity. Too often, the selfless and accommodating nature expected of women is exploited, hindering our advancement. Using a blend of personal anecdotes, relatable humor, and invaluable strategies, this talk will address that issue head-on, providing insights, humor, and practical advice on breaking through the notorious glass (and sometimes concrete) ceiling.

By unpacking the societal pressures and workplace dynamics that often stifle our progress, attendees will gain valuable insights into carving out their niche in a competitive landscape Through interactive discussions, actionable strategies, and a supportive community, participants will emerge equipped to navigate the corporate world on their terms, unapologetically bold and undeniably successful.

Banishing the Miss Congeniality Complex: Learning how to succeed on our terms without the negative labels (and assumptions) often used to hold women back.

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Topic Area

Psychological Safety is the latest buzzword many people are talking about but may not truly understand; this keynote will change that. We will discuss the benefits of having a psychologically safe working environment, the potential issues when it isn’t present, and, most importantly, what we can do to create psychological safety for others. We will also talk about why some people feel psychologically safe to be themselves, ask questions, and make mistakes while others don’t and ways we can close those gaps.

Participants will walk away with new knowledge, skills, and abilities to help create a better working environment that increases innovation, collaboration, and engagement.

Understanding the who, what, why, and how of Psychological Safety

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Many of us live our lives for others…and it’s time to stop and define our lives and our realities according to our own dreams! This keynote inspires people to reclaim their identities and nurture their souls amidst societal expectations. It guides them to define themselves authentically, setting boundaries, prioritizing self-care, and aligning with their values. This talk empowers you to author your destinies, cultivate resilience, and embrace self-discovery. A beacon of hope, it invites us all to embark on a transformative journey toward living authentically and boldly. Participants will walk away with a plan to create the happy, successful and authentic life they desire (and deserve)!

Transforming forward: Creating the happy, successful, authentic life we all desire

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Topic Area

Diversity/Equity/Inclusion / Access / Belonging
Corporate Culture 
Workplace Success
Women’s Issues / Women in the Workplace
Redefining who you are
Team Dynamics
Disability Related Issues
Empty Nesters

additional topics

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Topic Areas

Attendees Will Be Able To:

Define Success

Define success on your own terms and set and exceed goals that support you.

Set Boundaries

Establish boundaries that honor their interests, abilities, and passions.

Develop Teams

Create a team of supportive individuals who are just as invested in your success as you are.

Say yes to the opportunities that serve, no to the ones that don’t align, easily tell the difference, and walk away with all of those relationships strengthened.

Have Confidence

-Bethany Mason

"Christy is an engaging, entertaining and effective speaker. Having heard her present to two very differnt groups on very different topics, I was impressed with her abiilty to reach each of them. Not only dd she take the time to understand the culture of our organization, she dug deeper to ensure her talks spoke to our core values and goals. She was a pleasure to work with and I’d welcome the chance to do so again."

Director Employment Branding and Inclusion, Dollar General

Whether it’s an audience of 15 or 5,000, these engaging, informative, entertaining, and memorable presentations will inspire action for:

Charitable Organizations

Community Workshops

University Seminars

Virtual Events

Corporate Events

-Veronica Terrell

“…Once again, Christy sparked excitement and helped the audience to see the D&I need and vision. We all walked away with goals to move the needle for ourselves and our organization. I highly recommend Christy for speaking and training events. She is professional, knowledgeable and passionate about the topics she speaks on.”

Senior engagement manager, Deloitte

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