Christy is an engaging, entertaining and effective speaker.  Having heard her present to two very differnt groups on very different topics, I was impressed with her abiilty to reach each of them.  Not only dd she take the time to understand the culture of our organization, she dug deeper to ensure her talks spoke to our core values and goals.  She was a pleasure to work with and I’d welcome the chance to do so again.  

Bethany Mason, Director Employment Branding and Inclusion, Dollar Genral

From motivational and inspirational to educational and entertaining,
I focus my remarks on a topic specific to your current situation
in order to deliver an exciting overview on the skills and creativity required to surpass objectives
in today’s complex personal and professional environments.

Recent Talk Titles & Descriptions

Business Diversity

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if everyone was just like me?

Everyone has their own definition of diversity and their own reason why it does or doesn’t work, but deep down most of us think that the world would be a little better off if everyone just saw things our way. We all strive to be confident, competent, and consider ourselves successful so when people look, act or talk differently than we do our first impulse may be, “why are they doing it that way, don’t they know the company would be more successful if everyone was just like me.” We’ll not only define diversity in business terms but go on to teach how all of those different ways of thinking and acting will move your company towards excellence. You’ll walk away with an actionable plan that will strengthen your organization, improve engagement and enhance the bottom line.

Organizational Excellence

How do you make your company (team or department) the best it can be?

We don’t typically hear new business owners say, “ I hope to start a mediocre company that hovers around the middle of the pack before fading away into obscurity.” From public perception and employee satisfaction to the financial standing of your company, all companies aspire to be excellent. Successful companies have a few common traits that they exhibit every day. This course will discuss five such traits and ways to make sure your company eats, sleeps, and lives those traits in all day to day decisions.

Personal Effectiveness

How do you become your best self for a specific organization?

You have a similar background, skill set, and drive as your co-worker but they seem to constantly get promotions, accolades, and choice assignments—why is that? Before we look to reasons like favoritism, seniority or other factors that we can’t control, let’s look at how well we truly understand the culture (personality) of that organization, how they define success (outside of what is said), and all the other unwritten rules that actually determine what each of us need to do every day at work.

Learning to understand and work within a company’s culture is essential to true success; this course will teach you how to do just that.

Big Girls Don’t Cry

Can you succeed—and maintain your sanity and happiness as the multi-tasking employee, supervisor,business owner, partner, wife, mother, and domestic engineer that we all have to be?

We’ve all heard the term mother’s guilt, we’ve all seen the statistics on the glass ceiling, we all know that there is an on-going debate about women who “want it all,” but how do we take all of that information and write our own story of success and balance? This seminar will provide humor, personal experiences, and important information on defining success in your own terms and achieving it “in a man’s world.”

From writing a personal mission statement to knowing when to say, “No” (and when to say, “Heck Yes!”) learn tangible skills to become the YOU you have always wanted to be.


The MIss Congeiality Complex

Understanding Corporate Culture



Entrepreneurial Excellence

Having It All

Overcoming Personal and Professional Obstacles

Organizational Assessment

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