Christy is an engaging, entertaining and effective speaker.  Having heard her present to two very differnt groups on very different topics, I was impressed with her abiilty to reach each of them.  Not only dd she take the time to understand the culture of our organization, she dug deeper to ensure her talks spoke to our core values and goals.  She was a pleasure to work with and I’d welcome the chance to do so again.  

Bethany Mason, Director Employment Branding and Inclusion, Dollar Genral

From motivational and inspirational to educational and entertaining,
I focus my remarks on a topic specific to your current situation
in order to deliver an exciting overview on the skills and creativity required to surpass objectives
in today’s complex personal and professional environments.

Recent Talk Titles & Descriptions

I have no “IDEA” what you mean

Diversity is just the first step but so many organizations treat it like the finish line.

Most organizations are starting to see the value and business case for diversity but stopping there practically ensures they will never realize the true benefits of diversity.  Having a diverse workforce without being intentional about your inclusion, equity, and access strategy is like butting on your swimming suit to go sit in an empty pool. 

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access are all necessary to have a truly thriving organization that is one of the organizations that experiences the benefits of diversity.

Organizational Excellence

How do you make your company (team or department) the best it can be?

We don’t typically hear new business owners say, “ I hope to start a mediocre company that hovers around the middle of the pack before fading away into obscurity.” From public perception and employee satisfaction to the financial standing of your company, all companies aspire to be excellent. Successful companies have a few common traits that they exhibit every day. This course will discuss five such traits and ways to make sure your company eats, sleeps, and lives those traits in all day to day decisions.

Resilient Leadership is the key 

Bouncing forward when bouncing back isn’t an option.

Sometimes we can’t, “get back to normal” because the old normal is no longer an option so the question becomes, how do we thrive in our new normal…whatever that may be?  Resilient leaders are the ones who are capable of seeing the value of pivoting instead of getting stuck wishing for what use to be.  More importantly, they can help their teams see that same value and guide them on the journey of “bouncing forward”.  We will discuss how we can all develop our resiliency muscle and when it is most critical to flex it!

Banish the Miss Congeniality Complex

Giving, selfless, accomodating – these are just a few words used to describe Miss Congeniality and…

They are also words used to describe the traits women are often expected to have…but how does that play out in the workplace? And how do the realities of the glass ceiling and the concept of women who want to “have it all” fit in the conversation? This seminar will discuss how to break through the glass ceiling without being labeled the office “witch”? It will provide humor, personal experiences, and important information on defining success in your own terms and achieving it “in a man’s world.” From learning how to be your biggest advocate to knowing when to say, “No” (and when to say, “Heck Yes!”) learn tangible skills to become the YOU you have always wanted to be.


Leadership Development

Understanding Corporate Culture



Entrepreneurial Excellence

Having It All

Overcoming Personal and Professional Obstacles

Organizational Assessment

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