I am dedicated to empowering your organization to achieve its utmost potential. With tailor-made keynote addresses, comprehensive training sessions, and personalized coaching, I guarantee to guide you directly to your destination of excellence on the roadmap.

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Hi, I’m Christy! I’m a creator of cultures that increase performance, engagement, and outcomes. I have spoken at companies and to c-suites around the world on how to exceed the goals they set for themselves, I even gave a TEDx talk called "Banishing the Miss Congeniality Complex." I also wrote a book titled “Would The World Be Better if We Were All Alike?”.

With my expertise in corporate culture, leadership development, diversity, strategic planning, and HR, I work with organizations all over the world aligning their people, policies, and practices to their goals.
As Distinguished Faculty of Leadership and Performance, I love working directly with clients and facilitating teams to support and enhance organizational programs.

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Hi, I'm Christy

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Are you or your organization facing significant change, unprecedented growth, or stagnant results? Are you ready to succeed using the talent of ALL of your team members? If so, let’s talk!

With expertise in Strategy, Diversity, Entrepreneurial Excellence, and Communication, I will combine my education in HR Development with over 20 years of corporate, civic and entrepreneurial leadership, to create a unique approach to helping you define and exceed your ambitious goals.

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-Courtney Sieter

"I think of Christy as an on-call, expert "problem untangler." We have called on her many times at Buffer when relationships were strained, when folks weren't understanding one another, when the problem just seemed too big to manage. Each and every time, Christy dove in, deeply listened to all parties, and then provided wise, practical, action-oriented advice to move things forward. I'm so grateful to have Christy in my corner, both as a coach for me as an individual and as a trusted advisor for Buffer as a company. "

Head of People, Buffer

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Here's a worksheet from aligned with my TEDx Talk "Banishing the Miss Congeniality Complex". Unlock your business potential with my exclusive, free downloadable resource designed to provide you with actionable insights and strategies.  

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