Introducing your comprehensive solution for elevating organizational excellence. We work with internal stakeholders on analysis and action planning. Examining what you say is important, what your organizations/team members do, and what your organization rewards and reinforces. Then we make sure those things align. When they aren't, success becomes next to impossible.  And that's why we're here to help.

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-Renee Williams

Christy M. Pruitt-Haynes closed out the day with an amazing session entitled 'We wrote the Diversity Policy...isn't that enough???'. I have to say, Christy is a phenomenal speaker! Her message, in itself, was powerful and thought provoking, but it was her delivery that kept the audience engaged! If you haven't heard one of Christy's lectures, she is one to add to your company's next seminar agenda! Kudos, Christy!”

CEO, Her Vision Studios

Fractional CHRO
IDEA - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access
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Our expert consultants collaborate hand-in-hand with your organization, delving into every facet of employee performance and experience. From recruitment strategies to seamless onboarding, fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, optimizing performance management, guiding career development paths, strategizing workforce planning, refining compensation structures, to amplifying engagement initiatives, we ensure a holistic and tailored approach. Experience a transformational journey towards a thriving, inclusive, and high-performing workplace with our dedicated Thinking Partnership service.

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-Terrance Yarabrough

"Christy’s assistance really shined a light on those things that are strengths. Often you look to acquire various tools, skill sets or other resources to make processes leaner and more efficient. Christy has a unique talent to glean from the resources available. If you are expecting a transformation that will lead to miracles then she’s your choice. Any organization that doesn’t improve as a result of working with Christy is an organization not willing to improve." 

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