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"As an author, I'm thrilled to create books that resonate with real-life experiences and challenges. My passion is to craft stories and insights that people can truly relate to, sparking conversations and reflections about the world we live in. I hope my books inspire you and offer a sense of connection and understanding in your own journey."

A bit of humor goes a long way in helping people buy into tough concepts and this book proves that! Would The World Be Better if We Were All Alike? Revealing the downsides of the diversity that most people try to ignore (yes, you read that title correctly... we're talking about the downsides of diversity) provides the reader with an honest, no holds barred discussion about diversity that most people try to avoid.

 If we’re honest, we all know that diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and social justice have become buzz words these days and like many industry buzz words, not everyone agrees on their meaning or value. This book offers a unique perspective that is sure to get everyone talking about what diversity truly adds (or takes away) from an organization. It is a great starting point to get your entire organization or team on the same page about all aspects of diversity.

"Would the world be better if we were all alike?"


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Admit it, you will be crying like a baby when your once small child is out the door, on the way to college. You will be happy, sad, excited, and nervous. But the most conflicting part of their college departure is getting hit with a massive bill.

I Have to Pay for This $h!t is a book for parents who are getting ready to face the reality of college bills while simultaneously facing the emotions of their baby leaving home. A profane and loving tale that will remind you of all the good times. You will be laughing, and you will be crying. This rhyming book covers all the turbulence that comes with having an adult child. So, the next time you go sign that check, have a cocktail, and curl up with this book.

"I Have to Pay for This $h!t"


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Your Personal Journey of transforming forward: discovering, creating, and Loving Your best self


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"Excellent and hilarious book which includes diversity, love and emotions that parents go through. Great picture book!"

"This book had me nodding my head in agreement and there were definitely tears sliding down my face by the end".

"Brilliant, funny and unapologetically honest…. A true must have for soon-to-be and/or recent empty nesters!"


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