I'm often described as strategic, funny, brilliant, needed, authentic, resourceful, and, according to my mom, even gorgeous (which totally counts!). Personally, I like to think of myself as akin to bacon, bourbon, and butter—I aim to enhance everyone I collaborate with! With over two decades of executive and entrepreneurial experience, I've observed a common thread: women and minorities often aren't fully engaged in optimizing company performance. This realization propelled me to initiate change.

Combining my desire to solve problems, strategic thinking and keen self-awareness with degrees in Personnel & Labor Relations and HR Development, and 20+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, I am convinced that every situation can be improved with a lot of logic, a little humor and healthy dose of real-world knowledge.

Hello There!

here's my story


Published my first book; 
 gave my first TEDx Talk.


Started my solo dating, became a cigar sommelier and executive bourbon steward and fell back in love with me.


Lost my best friend to suicide; got divorced; became an empty nester.


Became legally blind; started my consulting company.


My daughter and niece were born; I was the youngest department head in the NBA.

My journey

As a TEDx Speaker and Nashville Emerging Leader Award recipient, I've held executive positions at Infiniti Americas/Nissan, CMT, and the Memphis Grizzlies. As the founder of Christy Pruitt-Haynes Consulting, My team and I offer innovative speaking, training, and coaching to help organizations excel with diverse talent while helping diverse talent identify and maximize opportunities.

My expertise expands across leadership development, diversity, strategic planning, and adulting through recent speaking or consulting engagements with several organizations.  

Dedicated to advancing excellence through impact

Professional life

work with me

"The goal is not to think and act alike, but to think and act together."

- Christy 

I currently serve on the Employee Benefits Board for Metro Davidson County as well as an advisor for accessibility for the city of Nashville. I also sit on the Board of Directors of Women of Color Collaborative and serve on the Speaker Selection committee of TEDx Nashville. When I'm not navigating corporate board rooms, you'll find me transforming forward. In one year, I lost my best friend to suicide, got divorced, and my daughter left for college, leaving me an empty nester. I found myself lost and in need of reinvention, and that's exactly what I'm doing.

I started by authoring the book, I Have to Pay for This, a parody book outlining the process of becoming an empty nester in a relatable, humorous, and emotional way. I continued the hard work, personal reflection, and self-discovery, embarking on my ABC solo dating and began the task of redefining who I am. I realized that “The only person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with is me, so I better get to know and fall in love with her.” This empty nesting, cigar smoking, bourbon drinking, world traveling, eternal optimist is committed to doing just that every day!

Passionate about fostering meaningful connections and celebrating life

Personal life

work with me

yes, please!

Here's a worksheet from aligned with my TEDx Talk "Banishing the Miss Congeniality Complex". Unlock your business potential with my exclusive, free downloadable resource designed to provide you with actionable insights and strategies.  

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Better than bacon, butter, and bourbon

If there was a movie about your life what would it be called?

My all time favorite is a very buttery grilled cheese sandwich.

What is your favorite food?

Southwest Airlines – they embody all 5 qualities of excellent organizations,

What company do you wish you started?

Assuming talent isn’t an issue, I would be a Broadway performer!

If you could have any job what would it be?

Fun Facts


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