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I will give your organization the tools to be its best. Through custom keynote addresses, training, and coaching, I will help you achieve your ‘X’ on the roadmap to excellence.


In the third-grade Christy Pruitt-Haynes was the envy of the playground. Anytime she was P.E. team captain, she used strategic diversity principles to arrange unbeatable kickball and relay teams. Still an expert in team building, now after earning degrees in Personnel & Labor Relations and HR Development, over 20 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, Christy is convinced that the best ROI an organization can make is through its people.

The Nashville Emerging Leader Award recipient has held executive level positions at Infiniti Americas/Nissan, CMT (Country Music Television), and the Memphis Grizzlies. She is the founder of CORE consulting where she and her team offered innovative speaking, training, and coaching to help organizations maximize their bottom lines by creating cultures of excellence.

Christy has implemented leadership development through recent speaking engagements, consulting, or service with the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, SHRM, Auburn University, University School of Nashville, Girl Scouts of Middle TN, St.Jude Hospital, the International Conference on Diversity, and many more.  Currently, she serves as the Board Chair for Play Like A Girl.

When not shaping the industry’s best practices in diversity and effective leadership, you will likely find Christy laughing with her family, adding stamps in her passport with friends, or hunting for new cabernets to add to her list of favorites.

I will help you create excellence in your

Diversity of Thought

Who needs to be a part of your organization

So many people think the goal of diversity in an organization is to ensure you appear to have a racially and gender balanced organization. That is nice but that’s not the goal. The goal is to create a better organization than any individual can create. Your organization has to be prepared to tap into every resource available in the most effective way possible. Two heads are better than one when those two heads bring different skills and experiences to the table.

Effective Communication

How do you communicate to ensure you’re understood

The majority of problems in any working relationship result from ineffective communication styles. What you say is important but how you say it can be the difference between your organization trusting and following you versus them working against the stated goals of the organization.

Becoming an effective communicator not only improves how you are perceived but, more importantly, improves how your organization functions.

Leadership Development

How do you inspire and lead your team

People follow what they see not what they are told so ensuring the leadership in your organization exhibits the behaviors that lead to growth is essential. Not everyone is made to be a leader but everyone can exhibit leadership in their day to day activities but first, someone has to teach them how to do that. Building core leadership skills leads to lower turnover,higher efficiency and bigger profits (also known as success).

Corporate Culture

Why do we make the decisions we do

Corporate Culture is the unspoken way your organization behaves when no one is looking. It reveals what the organization truly aspires to be. It’s vitally important and is often the deciding factor on if an employee is successful or not (and we know employee success leads to organizational success).

Investing in building the culture you want is the same as investing in building the organization you want.


A few random facts

If you could have any job what would it be?

Assuming talent isn’t an issue, I would be a Broadway performer!

What is your favorite food?

My all time favorite is a very buttery grilled cheese sandwich.

What company do you wish you started?

Southwest Airlines – they embody all 5 qualities of excellent organizations,

If there was a movie about your life what would it be called?

Coffee, Cabernet and Courage