Christy’s assistance really shined a light on those things that are strengths. Often you look to acquire various tools, skill sets or other resources to make processes leaner and more efficient. Christy has a unique talent to glean from the resources available. If you are expecting a transformation that will lead to miracles then she’s your choice. Any organization that doesn’t improve as a result of working with Christy is an organization not willing to improve.

Terrance Yarabrough,State of Mississippi

Training isn’t a “one size fits all” endeavor!

I’ll work with you to discover the cause of gaps in performance and devise a customized solution to meet the identified objectives.

Training classes vary in length and scope, but all utilize a variety of tools that reach every style of learner. Combining lecture, activities, small group work and fun, your organization will walk away with applicable and tangible skills they can immediately apply to their day to day professional lives.

Below are descriptions of a few of the training courses I have developed and delivered:


I have no IDEA what that is!

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access are more than the latest buzzwords being thrown around the company watercooler.  They are also a lot more than a political topic to debate.  What they really are, and what they really become are key business indicators of success and one of the easiest ways to change the trajectory of your organization.  

Research shows that diverse companies outperform less diverse organizations in every possible metric…is your company benefitting from that?

Let’s talk about what those concepts mean, how they fit into your company, how to make sure they help push you towards success, and how to make them a part of your culture.  


I said it clearly so why didn’t they understand?

Whether it’s your spouse, your boss or your direct reports, there are always people that you find it easier to communicate with than others. This course will help you understand why and give you easy tools to improve your relationships through communication. You will explore your preferred communication style, learn how to quickly determine someone else’s style, and learn strategies for better communication with others based on their style.

You will be able to improve challenging work relationships and further develop healthy ones through the art of effective communication.


What do you mean it’s not you, it’s me?

The personality of an organization dictates how they do what they do.  When the products are similar, it’s the culture that differentiates one company from another.  Corporate Culture can determine who will be successful at that company and how team members interact with each other but most leave culture up to chance.  

Truly brilliant organizations are intentional about their future and know that it can determine if their customers want to do business with them. Let’s uncover what your culture is and work to turn it into what you want it to be.  

Spoiler alert…if you’re trying to determine your culture, pay attention to the last few people you promoted.  What do they have in common?

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